Wednesday, October 17, 2012

But Soft, What Puff Through Yonder Window Breaks?


What’s funny about this, of course, is that according to Margaret, Ellie is not Romeo, but rather Friar Laurence.

Perhaps I should back up a bit.

There’s a series of children’s books, teaching counting and colors, that take characters and events and titles from classic literature. 

Margaret has the Romeo and Juliet counting primer.  She also has the Pride and Prejudice counting primer, which means that she can converse with you about Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy and the number of proposals and how many great houses there are and so forth.

But she has become somewhat fascinated with Friar Laurence (I think because he, like Miss Clavel, wears a habit).

And, of course, she is very interested in Alice, who looks after Christopher Robin.

So the other night, she looked at Leo, and said “Daddy is Romeo.”

I asked who Ellie was.  She said Friar Laurence*, and  that I was Juliet.  It makes me wonder if she’s been talking to the priest who married us, and if so, how she possibly understood what he was saying.

When I asked who she was, she said “Alice.”  So an early 20th century nanny/housemaid has been imported into Romeo and Juliet.  Good times.

*And, you know, she’s kind of round and brown.  Must be a friar.


  1. I loved that priest. Best wedding ever!

  2. Perhaps in that picture Friar Ellie is observing the grey-eyed morn smiling on the frowning night? ;)