Thursday, October 18, 2012


So part of my mission as Margaret’s mother is to introduce her to ideas that will make her kindergarten teacher tear her hair out in disgust.  Also, I think that while her brain is a sponge, I should attempt to saturate it completely.  Anyway, one of the things that I say to her is that going up the slide, as opposed to down the slide, is a violation of the social contract.

You know, because it is.

Anyway, yesterday morning, we were waiting at school for the daycare to open – we were early, would you believe it – and Margaret was playing on the structures that are outside the daycare doors.  Ellie was wandering around over the floors, because – you know – she can.





And then she went after the slide.  This is the first time Ellie has tried to play on the slide, and – since I don’t let her climb up ladders yet – she went at it from the bottom.


Margaret was justifiably worried.  “Mommy!” she said, “Ellie’s ‘lating the shocial contrack!” 

My work here is done.*

*”Hah,” she said, laughing hollowly.  “As if.  I have years more work.  Humph.”  Because, you know, children don’t raise themselves, and honestly if I left Ellie to Margaret, it would probably be kind of bad, really.

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