Friday, October 26, 2012

Rough Night Chez Human

Look at these pictures:



We know how to party.

Actually, we apparently know how to make our children pass out face down.  These pictures, though, have different stories.

In the first picture, Ellie had been spending that half-hour between 5 and 5:30 AM in our bed, because sometimes – judiciously snuggled – she will drift back off to sleep and I can snag a few more minutes of blessed repose.  She did more than drift off; when I got out of bed to shower, instead of waking up, she remained out cold, flipped over, and made growly noises at me when I tried to move her to some less-suffocating position.

In the second, Margaret had succumbed, with as little grace possible, to the demands of the afternoon nap.  Apparently, in her small brain, it is better to fall asleep at 2:30 on the bare boards of one’s room, rather than lie down at 1:30 in the nice fluffy bed.

Funny kid.

Anyway, they are – as of this writing – both still alive, and not particularly bruised or battered from their experiences.

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