Monday, October 22, 2012

First Foods

With Margaret, we were pretty controlled about introducing foods, because she was pretty laid-back about it (she liked baby food, yes she did) and we were a wee smidge nervous.

With Ellie, not so much.  Part of it is that she’s just temperamentally different – she disdained baby food that was just pureed single ingredient, and wanted something with more texture and a little bit of seasoning.  And she is absolutely convinced that, appropriate dental development or not, whatever we have, she wants.

So over the weekend, she got doughnut and french fry and macaroni and cheese.  Because she wanted them. 

She’s still very careful about what she eats.  I mean, she’ll stick anything in her mouth, but her first reaction is usually a disdainful face, and then she crams it into her mouth. 

For example, here is doughnut introduction:

Suspicious –


to interested –


now she tries it –


more, please!


Also, we were not giving Margaret coffee in that picture.  She is having milk out of the only lidded cup they had.

Later that day, the french fry.  This was a big hit.




Macaroni and cheese was also fairly popular with the under-ones, though the photography was not as good. I was, of course, trying to feed the baby, take pictures, and protect my lunch from Margaret’s none-too-gentle ministrations.




There’s no pleased reaction shot here, but she did like it.

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