Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Almost a Perfect Photo

We've been going to the park a lot recently (because when it's not 2 degrees outside, it's inexplicably warm.  Pick a temperature, St. Louis, and STICK TO IT.  Grrrr.  Or else.  I don't know what else, but else), and Ellie and Margaret are approaching the age when they can do the same things at the same time and everyone has fun.

So I tried to get an adorable picture with them at the top of a double slide, holding hands and looking cute as can be.  Because they did just that not two minutes before I took this picture.*

Close, but they weren't looking at the camera.  And then Margaret was overcome by the siren song of the slide.

And even then, Ellie wasn't willing to look at the camera.

We'll keep working on it.  Watch this space.  We will get there.  By the time they're 32 and 34.

*They were doing it, and as I fumbled to get my phone out to snap the picture, they went down the slide, and then I had to convince them to climb back to the top and try to look cute, and they kind of got there, but not really.

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