Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Stockings Were Hung . . .

After Ellie went to bed on Christmas Eve, Margaret wanted to make sure that she got everything just right.

"What sort of cookies do you thing Santa Claus would like?" she asked, "because I want Santa Claus to have the sort of cookies he likes best because I want him to be happy."

Clearly she is not at all motivated by self-interest.  She is simply altruistic in the extreme.

Leo tried the old Calvin and Hobbes trick, suggesting that "Santa" would like some of the banana bread that Margaret and Mommy had cooked that afternoon.

She saw through this, though.  Well, she didn't, because she is firmly convinced of the existence of the benevolent man in the red suit, but she knew that cookies are what is left for Santa, and cookies she was going to leave.

A bit of a traditionalist, our Margaret.

Anyway, she left them out very carefully.

There may have been some moments where she thought better about leaving cookies out and unattended, when they could be in and attended in her tummy, but she powered through it and left them, and went to be (at 6:45, because she wanted Santa to get there).

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