Friday, January 24, 2014

Sick Ellie

In early December, both Margaret and Ellie contracted some illness that made their fevers spike ridiculously high, (but only in the afternoons).

They gave it to me.  I was not subject to the afternoon exemption, and to make things worse, I got it on the weekend, so it did NOTHING for me.

Anyway, there was one afternoon where all that would do for Ellie was to sleep on top of me; when I tried to put her down, there was weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth, and then the sad, pathetic cry of "I need Mommy" that knifes through any resolve one might have about not giving in.

Besides, I had my phone, and it's surprisingly relaxing to sit and be slept on.

Besides, she eventually let me put her down.  Or rather, she eventually got so shifty on my shoulder that it was clear that the only way she was going to stay asleep was if I put her down and let her sleep.

And then I was sad, because she didn't need me any more.  Even though she was asleep.  And I had wanted her to be asleep.

Takeaway from this experience: I am fickle.  And Ellie is snuggly.  Especially when slightly dopey because of fever and tylenol.

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