Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Computer Malfunctions

I've figured out a way, since I have a new phone and it only has one cord that will connect it to my computer, instead of the eleventy-billion that I had for the iPhone 4.

Anyway, that way has not been working for me recently, so last night I "fixed" it.

I mean, I started at it and wondered why it wasn't working until it worked.

This was surprisingly effective.

Anyway, this means that I have access to some pictures that I have been trying to have access to for the last few days.

So I can write my blog posts, which is nice.  I have been dilatory.

The real news is that Ellie has smacked herself on the face with a slide and gotten a black eye.

This makes it look worse than it is, but it's still a visible mark on her poor little face.  She, of course, has just decided that she needs to be more proactive about wearing protective headgear, no matter what the activity.

Also, apparently she has decided that she needs to wear fewer shirts while she helps me with the cooking, but I imagine that the excitement of being able to take off her own shirt will fade soon.

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