Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Obligatory Green Jackets

For some reason, when my brothers and I were small, my mother was incapable of purchasing jackets that were any color other than green, which means that while the jackets weren't necessarily the same jacket, we all had green jackets.

And then I had to stop wearing my green jacket because there was a vicious and nasty fake gorilla, but we won't delve too deep.

Anyway, Ellie has just such a green jacket.  It has a pink part that is supposed to go over it, but she prefers the green part on its own.

Several things about this -- first, Ellie has started to try to smile, which means that she's more baring her teeth at things than smiling, but she says "cheese" while she does it and it's mostly adorable.  Second, clearly she is willing to pose for pictures for a while, but eventually she feels that she has better things to do, and jets on out of there.

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