Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I'm Sure This Is Safe

The weather (well, not today, but recently) has been nice and warm and pleasant.*

And so we have been in the back yard, because it's the best place ever.  Margaret (sadly) has gotten too big for it, but Ellie loves it.

And since I am a loving parent, I try to steer her away from it, because it requires that I stand out in the yard and push, usually staring into the sun because she has decided that she prefers her pusher to be behind her rather than in front of her.

Apparently, I am a lazy parent.

Anyway, there has been an amazing revolution in swing technology at our household.

*Actually, the last few days have been raw and rainy and sometimes humid, and so I'm just pretending they never happened and thinking back fondly to Saturday, which was amazing.

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