Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Margaret may have had the best weekend in her short life, and luckily, it was all very photogenic, so I will be milking it for the next week (saves on having to come up with new things to do to keep this thing going).

Sunday, obviously, was Easter.  We decided to do the egg hunt in her grandparents' back yard because it is more photogenic, and we could get the maximum number of people entertained that way.

We let Ellie go first, to make certain that she got some eggs, before her rapaciously scavenging sister hove onto the scene.

Margaret waited quite patiently.

Ellie found eggs.

And then we loosed Margaret from her bounds, and she was away on the egg hunt.

Ellie continued to find eggs and pose for pictures.

And Margaret raced about stuffing eggs in her basket.

And then gave Ellie the last egg.

Then they posed together sweetly.

And we went on to the next phase of photo ops, but that's a story for another time.

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