Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Easter weekend, we spent Saturday at the farm, contributing to the best weekend that Margaret has ever had.

She drove, which is always a winner, and we visited some cows, and then they saw horses.

And after they saw the horses, and Margaret got to pat one, a very, very, very sad Ellie lamented (at great length) that she wasn't going to be allowed to ride the horses, and it was so heart-rending.

Also not pictured in this post, because we don't really have pictures of it, was Margaret's adventure in the creek.  After lunch, she put on her big stomping boots, and walked down to the creek, and waded around.  Unfortunately, what happened was that one of her boots came off in the mud, and her sock got wet, so she sat down to take it off, so her pants got wet, and it all snowballed from there.  When I saw her coming up the hill with Leo after her adventure, she was wearing her shirt (inside out) and her underwear and boots.  It was quite a look.

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