Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Helpful Baby

Here is where M is right now, giving me a break.  I decided to try putting her in her swaddle for her longest nap, so that she wouldn't startle herself awake before she's ready.  The baby straightjacket seems to be working well.

This morning, as part of my attempt at doing more than just sitting around with the baby, we folded some laundry.

M seemed to enjoy her supervisory role.

And stayed happy long enough for me to finish folding, down to matching the last little sock.

I really did finish folding the laundry.  I just forgot to take a picture afterward.  And she really does have too many socks, which are slightly different from each other.  But I matched each and every shade and fiddly variation.  Because we couldn't let her go out wearing marginally unmatching socks, now could we?

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