Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This Is Love

M has started playing with toys, which is great, because she can entertain herself for 5 minutes or so while I make a sandwich.

She's branched out from Slightly Terrifying Giraffe, and enjoys the odd round with Crinkly Lion (he is a lion, and his tummy crinkles when squeezed and his feet are useful to chew on when teething).  Mostly, she just shoves whatever bit of him is nearest in her mouth.

But I think that that's her way of showing affection.  Also, she is very fond of pretty much everything that comes within the reach of her arms.

Seriously, it's impressive the way she's started using her hands to grasp things, including sweatshirt strings, which the chews on while the wearer of the sweatshirt is unaware that their shirt is being chewed.*

*She's also learned to grab the neck of my shirt, which is a potential liability, but I suppose it's all part of growing up and learning to do things with her hands.  And I suppose that learning to do things with her hands is important to her future happiness.

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