Saturday, May 1, 2010

In Which We Go to the Zoo

This morning, as the weather was fairly pleasant (a little too humid for my taste, but not impossible) we thought that we would go for a walk in some sort of organized fashion.  Or rather, in some sort of place that was not around the block that our house is on.

And since the zoo in St. Louis is free, we settled on it.*

M promptly fell asleep, and in slumber she bore a startling resemblance to the sleeping grizzly bear - fuzzy and nice to look at, but not something you want to get your fingers too close to, as they may get eaten.

We took a break after the birds, and hung out on Leo's grandparents' bench.

M also sat there alone for a while, though she seemed like she would perhaps have rather been asleep.

Then she and Leo attempted to hide in the bushes.

We walked on, and the combination of grandparental memories and a sight of a hippotamus brought my grandmother strongly to mind.**  My grandmother was fond of a pair of entertainers who sang a very good song about the love affair of a hippo, and a sequel which discussed his disillusionment with married life and paternity.   The first can be found here.  We didn't see a gnu, but I still hummed this one because it talks specifically about zoos, and once one has started with the animal songs, who can stop?

*Not that we expected M to derive anything from a visit to the zoo - after all, she spent nearly the entire time in her stroller, which gives her a beautiful view of the sky - but it's nice to feel that one is doing something, as opposed to wandering aimlessly.

**This makes way more sense than may seem obvious to a casual observer.  But rest assured, my grandmother didn't resemble a hippopotamus at all.

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