Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Smart Baby

I'm not keeping a baby book (I figure that M has this blog, which ought to be enough for any decent baby.  Besides, two memorials to the fact that I have more time with M than I will with subsequent babies would be excessive).  But that means that although I record some milestones, I haven't necessarily been doing all of them.

One thing is consonant sounds.  She's definitely got c and g.  And she can make an f sound, which I figure gives her f, g, h, and p.*

Her most common combination is "a-goo" or "a-gaa."  Either she's discussing swamp diseases** or she's telling us she's thirsty and she speaks Spanish.***

We all knew she was a smart baby.

And she's polite, too.  Look at her tipping her cap to her readers.

*Think enough and telephone



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