Friday, May 7, 2010

Houdini Baby

When we consider M's possible careers, we need to add escape artist to the list.  I am constantly impressed by her ability to escape her baby straightjacket, since I myself have been known to get hopelessly tangled in regular blankets.  Yesterday, I swaddled her before her noon feeding, and after she dropped off to sleep, put her down.*

When I got out of the shower a scant 7 minutes later, this is what I found.  Notice the slightly guilty look.

Followed by pride, because escaping from that thing is a matter of skill.

Also, check out that upper body twisting in an attempt to get out of the chair.  Mobility, here we come!

*This is an exciting innovation from this week.  We had not been swaddling her during the day because we were wanting to highlight the differences between day and night, but she seems to have a pretty good handle on nights, and the exciting thing about the noon swaddle is that she goes to sleep and has a good nap without being held.  When I put her down unswaddled, she startles herself awake, and wants to be picked up again.  So by swaddling her at noon, it means that I can get her to sleep and then EAT LUNCH WITH BOTH HANDS.  Which wouldn't seem to be the height of excitement, perhaps, but is pretty cool when you're me and haven't done that in months.

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  1. That guilty face kind of reminds me of Leo... interesting how that works out...