Thursday, March 6, 2014


One of the things that I've noticed now that I've gotten Ellie and Margaret the same haircut (it wasn't my fault -- they both wanted it), is that they look a lot more alike than I had previously thought.

So I have done my bit there. 

Funny story about clones -- Margaret has a plan.  We're going to dig in the ground until we find some fairy bones, and then we're going to dust off the fairy skin that we will find lying around, and we're going to put the bones and the skin together with some "other stuff we will find, Mommy" (shudder), and then we will have our very own fairy.

I find this terrifying.  

Both because it's kind of macabre for a small person to be planning, and because it's entirely possible that as soon as the ground thaws (or sooner!) she's going to have us all out grubbing in the dirt for fairy bones and she won't let us go in until we find some.


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