Thursday, March 27, 2014

Perchance to Dream

Margaret's bedtime routine has become smoother and better and less like a 3 hour wrestling match with a 6 foot long python.

So that's been nice.

And we've gotten used to it, which means that Tuesday night's experience was rather unexpected.

She just wouldn't go to sleep, and I was having an important phone call, so Leo was the one trying to convince her to stay in bed for the 30 seconds that it would take for her to fall asleep, tired as she was.

Finally, I got off the phone, and she was still doing a malevolent jack in the box impression, so he suggested sweetly that I might take a turn.

I told her that her bed was a boat and her floor was water, and she needed to keep from falling in the water.

10 minutes later, we had this:

Doesn't she look sweet?

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