Friday, March 7, 2014

Little Kicker

I had mentioned that the soccer gear was a very gratefully received, and both Ellie and Margaret were thrilled about the prospect of playing soccer.

Well, last Monday (maybe not.  Two Mondays ago?) I didn't go to school, because at noon on Sunday, Margaret was sick, and so I called in sick and prepared to keep her at home.

And at 1 on Sunday, Margaret started to feel better.

By nighttime, she was pinging off the walls like . . . well, like a ping-pong ball.

In the morning, she announced that she was not sick and was going to school.

Then when we got to school, she bounded over to the teacher and announced "I'm sick!  I'm sick!" which made me feel like such a good parent.  After I explained, she went into the play yard, and Ellie and I went home.

When we pulled into the driveway, Ellie announced that she was going to play soccer.

It was 25 degrees, which seems like good soccer weather to me.

At the beginning, she was not clear on exactly what the rules were, but I soon straightened her out.

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