Friday, March 7, 2014

Wee Willie Winkie

Ellie is very interested in the mechanics and accoutrements of the bedtime ritual, and likes to be put to bed during the day as a play exercise.  She seems rather hopeful that I will forget that I'm not actually putting her to bed and give her pacifiers.  I don't, but she keeps asking.

Anyway, it is one of her favorite games.  There was a morning several weeks ago when she decided that she needed to be up and 5 am and go downstairs, and then once downstairs, she wanted to pretend to go to bed.

Infuriating, if you're wondering how to describe that.

Anyway, she has discovered my old doll bed (which of course saw years of hard use when I was a child), and has been trying to use it for herself.

She's finding it a little bit of a tight fit, I think.

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