Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Look What She Did At School Today

Margaret went to school again today, and it was the first day that she went for the whole three hours (last week was orientation, and only lasted an hour and a half).

When I went and picked her up, she was very excited about what she was bringing home.  I asked her what she had done at school, and she told me that she colored a picture of an apple (very school-like) and she had cut paper up with knives.


Knives.  Two knives that go together like this, Mommy, like the ones that you have.

Scissors, it turns out.  They gave her scissors.  Which is bad enough, but at least they didn't give her knives to career about with.

Anyway, we brought her picture, and her envelope of sliced-up paper home and put them on the fridge, like so.

Knives, indeed.

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