Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tea for Two

For Christmas, my mother made Margaret an absolutely amazing Madeline doll which Margaret adores.

And really, the Madeline doll was what everyone got, because the amount of time that was spent crafting her doll-size duffel coat and her doll-size school bag and her doll-size shoes is truly mind-boggling.  But my mother felt that Ellie should get something; unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on one's view of this sort of thing) Ellie is too young for obsessions.  And so she got a talking tea set. Which Margaret immediately annexed to herself.  Honestly, I think she had her eye on it before there was any unwrapping, because when we put it under the tree, it made noise, and she was so interested in what could possibly make those noises.*

Anyway, we have been insisting to her that it is Ellie's tea pot, but I'm not sure that we're making much headway, because it is at the moment camping out under Margaret's bed.  But they do occasionally have tea parties when Ellie gets to touch some of her toy.

*I think that we put it down, and she accidentally pushed a button, causing the tea pot to say "Thank you."  She thought this was the greatest thing ever.

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