Thursday, January 17, 2013


Ellie loves my phone.

And honestly, why shouldn't she?  It's an awesome piece of equipment.

But she loves it to distraction, and wants it All.  The.  Time.

This can get a little annoying, because, of course, I love my phone and want it all the time.  It has books and pictures and a camera and the internet and -- let's not forget -- a phone.

So sometimes we have to deal with conflicting desires, and usually we resolve them without tears, though sometimes it's really hard for me.  Ellie can be pretty mean when she's trying to get the phone away from me.

One thing that I find worrying, however, is that she seems to be figuring it out as well.  She likes to look at pictures of herself, and she knows how to turn the lock screen on, which gives her a picture of herself.  And Margaret, but I just don't feel that that is as important to her somehow.  But last night she was playing with it, and when I downloaded pictures just now to give me fodder for this blogging extravaganza, I found several that I didn't take, but I think she did.

There's a way to reverse the camera function, so it shoots what one can see on the screen, and I think she did that, and then tapped the button that takes the pictures.

I'm worried.  Very worried.  But I guess that I won't panic too much until she actually starts editing her own short films.

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