Saturday, January 5, 2013

Margaret, the Intrepid Explorer

Some of you may recall a post last week about going out in the snow and dropping a bunch of icy snow on top of Ellie.

That wasn't all that we did.  The motivator of this trip outside was none other than the heroine of this blog, Margaret.*  She wanted to go sledding, and proceeded to detail for me a sledding expedition she went on last year with Helen and Bruce to Bruce's mother's house.  I feel that that sort of elephantine memory is going to get annoying in the future.  And then she told me that she was going to put on her snow pants and her coat and her hat and her boots and her scarf and her gloves, and she was going to go outside and find her sled and bring it to Mommy and Mommy was going to pull her around the yard if we can't find a hill.

Apparently she was hopeful that our backyard had spontaneously sprouted a hill while she slept.  It could happen.

So we went outside, and Ellie went in the swing to await bombardment.  Margaret careered all over the yard, but finally brought the sled over.  I think that these pictures tell a rather eloquent story about Margaret's optimism.  They also tell a story about how her mother appreciates and records her optimism, but does not encourage it, by which I mean, I didn't pull her about the yard in the sled because I was too busy swinging Ellie toward her doom.

And here's where she realized that I wasn't going to help her, and so she went off to find other snowy pursuits.  But she came back, because she couldn't play make effective snowballs (or, you know, do anything at all) with her gloves on, and so she took them off and then couldn't get them back on.  So I am sometimes helpful.

So, you know, sometimes I help her.

*Ellie is also the heroine of this blog.  It's a large, accommodating sort of blog, where no one gets left out.  And those of you who think that Margaret is getting a lot of the press over the last few days would be right, but I maintain that a certain degree of parity is maintained between the two children.  Besides, Ellie's going to get a huge amount of coverage in the next month or so as she learns to walk and talk and all that stuff.  I don't think we need to worry.

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