Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The No-Nap Club

This is the name of the nightclub that my children would open if they were in the habit of a) opening nightclubs and b) able to stay up past 6 pm.

Anyway, I think that I have complained at great length about Margaret's refusal to nap, and the reign of terror that unleashes on the household.  We've stopped fighting it at this point, and we put her in her room for quiet time.  She goes to bed by 6:30 pretty much every night, and she's good.  Ish.  I mean, she's not terrible.  Mostly.  She'll grow out of it.

Ellie, however, has never been a problem.  She's been really great about going to bed when she's supposed to and sleeping and not fussing and putting herself to sleep and all has been wonderful.  And predictable.  And just grand.

But yesterday, the first day that Margaret went to a full day of preschool, young Miss Ellie decided to assert herself.  She took a morning nap.  But then she decided that she wasn't playing that game anymore.  And she refused her afternoon nap.


And honestly, she's the age to be giving up one of her naps.  But the first day?  Come on.

So while she was supposed to be having a nap, she partied.

This is not okay, Ellie.  But it means that she is just going to have to have one nap a day, and it will be in the afternoon, and so we will come home from getting Margaret from school, feed them, and put Margaret in for quiet time and Ellie down for her nap.  But I would have really liked a week where I had some mornings to myself, you know?


Growing up is annoying sometimes.

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