Saturday, January 5, 2013

School is Tiring

So Margaret went happily off to school both Thursday and Friday, and seemed to do well.  One little boy sobbed and sobbed and sobbed at the drop off, and the other little girl was very sniffly.  I'm not sure whether to be proud or just the tiniest bit offended that Margaret said "Bye, Mommy.  See you later.  I'm going to school" and then tromped into the playground.  I mean, just one backward glance?  One suggestion that spending a morning with me is fun?

Not so much.

Her report from the first day of school was a bit limited, at least as relayed to me.  By the time I saw her Thursday, she had already been interrogated by Leo and her grandmother.*  So when I asked her how school had been, she leaned her head dramatically against the side of the car seat and said "I don't want to talk about it."

But Leo says that she told him that the people at school thought she was pretty great.

And I'm sure they did, but I don't know that she should be talking about it.

Anyway, it appears that she was pretty tired by the end of the day.

It seemed Friday morning, however, that she had recovered her equilibrium, and was very excited to go to school.  I realize that the fact that she was dancing around the room at 7 am singing "School, school, school, school, school" is not conclusive evidence, but that, coupled with the fact of this photo taken at 7:30 seems to suggest that she is pretty excited about this new educational project.

But it was still apparently exhausting, because she came home, and asked for pajamas and slippers what Aunt Betsy gave her, and one Madeline on the Kindle, and then quiet time in my room, Mommy.

So we did that, and she asked this morning if she was going to go again on Monday.  She isn't.  This may cause a certain degree of weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.

*I don't really think that they interrogated her.  But I do think that they asked all the same questions that I did.

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