Thursday, January 3, 2013

Margaret’s First Day of School

So Margaret started preschool today, and due to the fact that I am also a teacher, I was not there for it.

Which actually reminds me that I probably won’t be there for any of her first days of school, what with my schedule.  Sniff.  Unless she is at a school that I am teaching at, but that would certainly require a new job for me, since I am at an all-boys’ school.

Last night, as I gave Leo relevant details about her day, I reminded him that he needed to take a picture of it.

“If I remember,” he said laconically.

So now you know, all of you readers, that it is not a priority for Leo that you have pictures of Margaret’s first day of school.

“Anyway,” he said “if I forget, you’ll get a really good post about how I didn’t take a picture and so you don’t have one.”

And there is that, but I wanted a picture of Margaret on her first day of school.

As it turns out, he took one.


I think she looks a little waifish.  But that might be because she’s standing in the parking lot.  Or because she found a scarf that she liked at her grandmother’s house and adopted it as her own.  Or because I am reading that into it because I am feeling a little bit guilty about the fact that she is going to school alone (or, you know, with her father) while I am lazing around at school.

We will have more pictures tomorrow, because I’ll do it properly.

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