Thursday, January 17, 2013

With All the Proper Accoutrements

Margaret has gotten very particular about what she wears when she goes outside.  She wants her fleece vest and her coat and her hat and her mittens and her shoes.  And she wants her coat done up.  And her vest zipped, but not too much because then it is ouchy, Mommy, ouchy on my chin.  And her mittens on.  And so forth.

(Really?  You're getting that I find this obsession with outerwear somewhat annoying?  No, never).

Anyway, this was her on the way to preschool yesterday.

And now, looking at the picture again, I've recalled that I didn't mention the hood (oh, the hood!) that has to be pulled up over the hat to protect her sensitive neck from the cold's cruel bite.  Ugh.

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