Friday, November 2, 2012

Breadline, Here We Come!

Many years ago, before Margaret was even 1, her Aunt Helen spent some time in Romania, and brought Margaret a beautiful coat, which  she has only just grown into.

She wore it yesterday (and today, because she likes it very much because it has LEAVES on it, Mommy, LEAVES).  And before she went out, I took picture to show her Aunt Helen, who deserves to see it in all of its glory.


And she looks just a little waif-like.

But the impression is dispelled by the silly hat, and a smile.


Anyway, she likes her coat-dress.  And so do I.  And apparently, according to the voice from the back seat as we drove down to school, it can be a Madeline coat too, because “Madeline wears lots of different color coats and hats in her books, and so this is a Madeline coat, Mommy.”

And I am not going to argue with the voice of authority.

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