Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Standing Up Like A Fiend, Who Is Particularly Fond Of Standing Up, And So Does So At Every Possible Juncture

So, in case you didn’t get it from the title of the post, Ellie is standing up a lot.

Yesterday, I took Margaret to the bathroom* and Ellie followed along, because with the crawling with both feet, she can get up quite a head of steam, and she has begun to resent being left to languish in the room with all the toys, when Margaret and I are clearly having lots more fun in the bathroom.

Bear in mind that Ellie’s associations with the bathroom are all bathtime-related, and so she probably thinks that we’re stealing away for surreptitious splashing and joy.

Anyway, she soon figured out what the bath was for.



Isn’t she proud of herself?

And then we went back to the living room, and she stood up every place she could, and for one brief, brilliant moment, she stood up on her own, and I got a picture of it.


And then the hand went back to the support.


And then she thumped down, but it was all very funny.


At least she thought so.

Also, Margaret is in the background of all these pictures watching television because otherwise she would have spent all of yesterday afternoon in time out, and I was tired of enforcing the rules.

*For those of you who are keeping track, potty training is progressing tolerably well.

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