Friday, November 2, 2012


I’m thinking about starting another, probably way less popular blog about how to come up with children’s Halloween costumes which incorporate a navy blue duffle coat.

But enough about my career aspirations.

Margaret has been wanting to be Madeline for Halloween for a long, long time.  I think someone explained the concept of Halloween to her sometime this summer, and she has been set on Madeline since then.

I looked and looked and looked for the proper hat, but she saw this one in a shop window and decided that it was a Madeline hat, so I got it, because why worry myself about getting the appropriately-shaped yellow hat when she was happy with the red one?

Anyway, here she is.


It was very cute, and she charged around trick-or-treating and answering people’s questions and saying trick-or-treat and being adorable.



See?  You can see her charging.  She is carrying a pumpkin, because I couldn’t figure out a carrying device that would blend with her costume.  A school satchel would have worked, but they are a) EXPENSIVE and b) hard for toddler hands to operate.

Ellie, though less involved in the charging about and talking to people aspect of Halloween, was nevertheless very cute.



And Ellie did try to eat her tag, which made the hours I spent embroidering it and figuring out how to fix the edges and keep it from unraveling worth it. 

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