Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In My Shoes

Strangely enough, this post contains no pictures of Margaret hoofing around in my footwear, although we have many such pictures.  It is, in fact, a meditation (with video!) on Margaret experiencing some of the frustration of my life.  And it gives me great pleasure.

Any of you who have been privileged to read a story to my largest small person have probably noticed that sitting still and listening is not her strong point.  In fact, when she does so, my response tends to be to check her temperature.*  And sometimes, when she feels that you’re not getting through all the words fast enough, she turns the page for you, with little respect for the narrative.

Well, recently, Margaret wanted to read to Ellie, and I managed to catch it on tape.  Is it bad that I get a little thrill that she’s having some difficulties reading to a squirming little person who wants to touch the book and grab the book and not listen? 

*I malign her, as she has been getting way better at listening to stories over the last few months.  But it’s comic slander, so it’s okay. 

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