Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Over this holiday weekend (where I didn’t have to teach, and thus didn’t have 15 minutes or so to myself with my computer in front of me to blog – sorry everyone), Margaret made a great leap forward.  She started drawing people that have faces and limbs, and are recognizably attempts at people.  I mean, I pity people who actually look like that, because they are nothing more than heads with arms and legs attached, which must make a number of necessary biological functions more difficult than they need to be, but as an artistic development on Margaret’s part, it’s a winner.

She also started writing, by which she means using a pen and making various letter-like scratches on paper.  And sometimes she reproduces something that is actually a letter.  And there is much rejoicing.


But not much rejoicing from Margaret, because she is very serious about her writing.

And in this picture, she is writing a grocery list for Mommy.  She was dictating it to herself, so I know that what she wanted to buy was milk and cookies and bread crumbs.* 


*I think that she thought of bread crumbs because it took me a long period of muttering and roaming and searching to find bread crumbs in the grocery store a few weeks ago.  On the other hand, we also have been reading fairy tales to her at night, and she really likes “Hansel and Gretel,” but I would hope that she was smart enough to pick up that the narrative does not promote bread crumbs as a way to find one’s way back to one’s home.

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