Thursday, November 8, 2012


When we moved back into our house, we set up the playroom by grabbing all the things that we knew we wanted to have in the playroom, and putting them down the first place that seemed likely.

This led to a somewhat disorganized room.

But yesterday, Margaret was off swimming and going to the library with her grandmother, and Ellie and I took the opportunity to clean.  Here is the result, with Ellie providing an idea of scale and orientation.

This is from the doorway (which is in the northwest corner of the room)


This is in the corner by the window, the northeast corner.


This is in the other Eastern corner, looking back toward the door.


And this is in the southwestern corner, where the other door would be except that we have the doorway barricaded for containment.


Ellie likes all the open floor space in which she can practice her – finally – symmetrical crawl.  She still likes to have her left leg tucked up for an easy sit, but she’s now crawling for long stretches with it down and moving alternately with the other one like it’s supposed to.

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