Friday, November 2, 2012


You guys remember that post I just wrote about taking away Margaret’s books and making her very sad because I can’t bear to have books wantonly destroyed?

Well, I was looking through my pictures, and realized that I am a big, enormous, giant, glaring, gaping hypocrite.

Because this was Ellie yesterday afternoon.







Here are my excuses for this cruelty: 1) We have approximately eleventy-billion copies of Corduroy.  I do not know how this happened.  I bought the board book one, and THAT IS IT.  But we have at least 4, so I figured if she destroyed it, it wasn’t a big deal.  2) Ellie is little, and still needs to imprint on books.  I believe in encouraging a tactile relationship with said object, so she can learn to love and need them the same way Margaret does.  3) I was sitting right there, and could prevent too much carnage.  4) It was CUTE.

So yes, I am a mean woman whose standards are apparently flexible.  But this was adorable, and so I let it happen.

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