Friday, February 21, 2014

A Castle of Her Own

I have almost caught up to the present (well, the more recent past) in this, my blogging endeavor, but I wanted to retrace my steps briefly to Margaret and Ellie's birthday party.  We went to a play gym/science-inflected play place, and they frolicked.  

One of the things that they had at this place was a number of exceptionally large Legos-type bricks, and for the weeks leading up to the party, Margaret was announcing her intention to build a great big castle out of them.

Luckily, her ambition exceeds her abilities, so we did not have to explain how her castle didn't belong to her.

Still, she -- with the help of her minions -- constructed a quite passable tower.

And then convinced her father that she needed to perch on top of it.

I disapprove of this sort of thing.  It will give her ideas.  Climbing ideas.  And she doesn't need climbing ideas.

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