Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fishy! Horsey! Fishy

Pat came to visit last week, and as is traditional, we dragged him to the zoo to look at our children.  Or the animals.  Or the animals looking at our children.  Or something.

Of course, it was eleventy-billion below zero* and so visiting the outdoor parts of the zoo was less attractive than in might be in May.  Possibly.  Because sometimes it's eleventy-billion above zero as well.  Anyway, we went to the Children's Zoo, which has the good sense to be indoors, at least some of it.

And they have fish to ride on, which Ellie found very attractive.

As did Margaret, although she seems to be concentrating on something else.

And then they ran off together to see new and exciting things.

Like Uncle Pat showing them how to use knives.  What a useful thing for him to teach them.  I'm pretty sure that it's true that Uncles are worse than no supervision at all.

*I may have made this number up.  But on the bright side, in honor of Pat, I've made it up in celsius, which means that it's not as cold as you think.

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