Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Margaret adores playing hide and go seek.  The slight hitch is that she doesn't have any idea how to hide.  Or seek.*  But mostly she has a problem with hiding.

When we play in the house, she runs off, hides somewhere, and when the seeker stops counting and yells "Where's Margaret?" she invariably screams "Here I am" and runs out of concealment.

When she decides to play outside, she also experiences difficulties.  She can't seem to figure out what is supposed to happen.  She's not clear that hiding is not just a state of mind, and she seems to have infected Ellie with this delusion.

They are, in other respects, quite clever children.  But not this one.  Not this one AT ALL.

*The other night, she decided to search for Leo, but she got bored and gave up.  He got a nice 10 minute break, standing in a closet, reading his phone.  So, you know, it can work out for her care-giver.

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