Friday, February 7, 2014

Ellie Do It

I have mentioned, in these annals, Ellie's increasing independence.  It is an interesting thing to watch develop, though, because she, unlike her older sister, has a certain inborn* caution.

This manifests itself as a certain pleasing caution when it comes to things like stairs.  Margaret was always of the "let's just jump off that cliff and see what happens" school of stairs descending, while Ellie likes to have things to hold on to, and some certainty that she's going to make it to the bottom.

Just if you're ever watching her, bear in mind that attempting to help, before she says "Ellie need help" will result in howls of anger and cries of "Ellie do it!  Ellie do it!"  Just so you're all aware.

*Possibly not inborn, but certainly developed early in the face of adverse circumstances.**

**And by "adverse circumstances," I mean Margaret.***

***In the nicest possible way, of course.

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