Thursday, February 13, 2014

If you want a job done right

Ellie, as I have been mentioning, likes to do things by herself, even when they're not exactly things that she can accomplish.  This means that in the mornings, she likes to carry her own food and drink and supplies into the daycare.

This can be a rather time-consuming process.

She gets there in the end.  We tend to get there about 3 minutes early (because 3 minutes early is the on time of people related to my mother), and so I have to unlock the door.  Lately, Ellie has taken to doing that for me, which means that we spend 2 of those 3 minutes with her jamming my keys inexpertly at the lock, before finally asking for help.  Or rather, telling me that she needs help NOOOOW!  Because asking would cause her to lose some important moral high ground in the battle for dominance that she is currently waging with the world at large.

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