Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Monkey Style

Ellie has developed a fascination with monkeys.  She adds this to her completely outrageous fascination with owls, which shows no signs of ebbing, and her love of all characters Winnie-the-Pooh.  (Wol is a PARTICULAR favorite, though referring to him as Wol gets some bizarre looks from her, and occasional shouts of "Owl!  That is Owl!  MOOOOOOOOMMMMMMYYYYYYYY!  That is OWL.")

She likes to read books about monkeys, sing songs about monkeys, insist that gorillas are monkeys (she has rewritten the text of Goodnight, Gorilla, and I am not comfortable with this development, not at all), wear clothes with monkeys, and above all, eat bananas like a monkey.

When she asks for a 'mana, she requests it "monkey style," and then proceeds to cram it in her gob as quickly as she possibly can.

Also, these pictures make her look more like me than I thought she did, which makes you wonder a little.  Apparently I look like Ellie+simian behavior.

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