Monday, February 10, 2014

Les Moutons avec Madeline*

Margaret has been getting more and more into dolls, which she calls her children, and must cart from place to place and ostentatiously mother (usually in ways that are counter to my mothering).  "Mommy, did you know that Madeline's mommy lets her walk in the parking lot without holding hands," she will remark, apropos of nothing in particular.

This is both a pointed criticism of my style of behavior, and a complete lie, because if no one was holding Madeline's hands, she couldn't walk in the parking lot, because she is a doll.

Also, Margaret calls me Grandma (when speaking to Madeline about me) and that irritates me.

However, Madeline comes with us.  And so when we went to the Botanical Garden, Madeline came along, and sat on the French sheep.

I'm not sure if they're really French, or they just pretend on maps, but they SEEM to be French.

* I really don't actually know French, so I'm just guessing.

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