Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Birthdays, Late

Because I have been trying to maintain some sort of rough chronological order in these pictures, and catching up on a tremendous backlog, I have not gotten to newer pictures as fast, perhaps, as I ought to have.

I blame many factors, including -- but not limited -- to the weather.

I'm not sure why the bad weather would be a factor, since it means that we are spending more time inside, and thus near computers, and less time outside, where pictures would be likely.  But I am blaming it.  I need something to blame, and the weather is handy.

Besides, it has been abysmal, and deserves something.

Anyway, we had a marvelous birthday weekend two weeks ago.

On Friday, Ellie took cupcakes to school with her.  Well, I took cupcakes and Ellie to school.  She preferred hers without icing, and called them "pupcakes."  It was adorable.  Also, she had a surplus, and so on the way out of school, she gave them to boys who said "happy birthday" to her.  She managed to get several of them  to sing to her, which she rather liked.

And then we came home.  I am rather of the opinion that however much they may share a birthday party and occasional presents and all of those things, they are entitled to their own cake on their birthday with candles and their adoring parents and singing and all those things.

So Ellie got that.

At first, she seemed rather shocked by the whole thing.

But she soon got over it, and enjoyed it. 

Of course, she didn't eat it, because it wasn't a pupcake, and I had defaced it with icing and fruit.  And she was tired, and pumped full of sugar and excitement.

Then we took a day off cake, and relaxed.  And then we went over to Leo's parents house Sunday night, and did Margaret's birthday there.

She got her own personal flower-shaped, chocolate ganache-laced cake.  With four candles.  And nary a piece of fruit within miles.

That last candle is really, really hard to blow out.

Anyway, in writing this post, I realize that both my daughters were wearing the same dress for their birthdays.  They aren't the same size.  But Ellie sometimes insists on being JUST LIKE MARGARET. And that extends to taking her clothes. 

Finally, on Monday, I made blueberry muffins and took them to Margaret's school.  We had a very mannerly snack, and Margaret behaved like a very good hostess, bringing me a drink and a napkin, and cleaning up after me.  

A good time was had by all, but I feel a little as if I have done enough baking to last me for several months.

I'll do something for Easter.  Promise.

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