Friday, March 5, 2010

Thrift, Horatio*

Apparently, I'm not above cheaply quoting Hamlet out of context.  There was something I didn't know about myself.

Anyway, it appears that M is very thrifty, in a sort of a conspicuous consumption sort of way.  I've been lamenting the wastefulness of clothes that she has grown out of so quickly that she only got one wearing out of them.  M appears to have heard and understood and decided to take steps to make certain that the clothes get worn more frequently.  Of course, she's also not interested in going on a diet.  Her solution is to go through as many sets of clothes as she possibly can.

Here she is at 7 this morning.


Notice how she's helping Leo with his work.  Very helpful baby we've got.
Here she is at 7:30

(Admittedly, she'd really only added clothes at this point; the jacket and the hat were put on prefatory to going outside into the cold, cold world.  But I really just wanted to put up a picture of her in her overly teddy-beared outfit.  I like to think of it as an experiment - at what point does adding extra ears to my child's clothing stop being cute and become creepy?)
Here she is at 10.


And here she is trying to make it look like she took the picture herself.  We haven't yet gotten her to take over this job; we're figuring a couple of months, tops.  

(I've just realized that I'm setting a high bar for myself next time I have a baby, because I'm creating a semi-public record of the pictures I'm taking of M, and if I don't measure up on subsequent offspring, they're sure to be upset about it.  Oh dear.)

*No one has used funeral baked meats for anything, so no one needs to worry


  1. I know how the next'll feel... Though I dont think any of us had this sort of documentation....

  2. The last part reminds me of that Babysitter's Club where Claudia thought she was adopted because she's all artsy and her family is so nerdy and there are a ton of pictures of her sister as a baby and almost none of her ... not that I read the whole series or anything.
    PS- animal ears on babies rule. Pretty much the only reason I put up with their existence.

  3. FYI both Caty & Beth have their own home videos (actually Caty has about 3) and I only share some of Beth/Louise's. Just keep blogging!