Friday, March 12, 2010

Tummy Time

One of the things that we have been encouraged to do by books, internets, nurses, pediatricians, and the cat is put our baby down on her tummy while we are supervising her so that she develops her muscles without managing to kill herself.*

So we do, because we're very conscientious and we do what we're told, even when it involves a silly name like "tummy time."

The fun part is where she windmills her legs as if she's trying to crawl and gets no traction.

(Also, notice the awesome blanket; thanks, Christy!  We're doing our best to convince her that this is her blanket, and will go with her to preschool for naptime).

*The cat, I think, doesn't care if we supervise her (and depending how hungry he is, might prefer that we not) and probably, if he thought about it, would prefer that she not develop muscles which will allow her to do things like crawl and grab tails.

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