Monday, March 1, 2010

Too Big For Her Britches

We're all well aware that M is a big baby.*  But I really think that it's a bit ridiculous that her 0-3 month size clothes are probably going to last her all of another 2 weeks.


From here, it doesn't look so bad.  A little tight in places maybe, but not a horrible fit.  But when you get in closer, you see how close she is to bursting out.
It gets stretched quite tight across the stomach.  But the real point of tension is the snaps.

Notice the gaps.  It took a good bit of tugging to get the thing on her.  I think it's going to be retired.
But this rapid growth is going to cause a problem or two.  First, all the 6-month stuff that we got, fondly imagining that she would be wearing it between May and July, is going to come into play in mid-March.  Summer clothes aren't really appropriate for a St. Louis March.  (Nor are they appropriate for a Washington March, which is where they're going to get worn first.  The point could be made that summer clothes are pretty much never appropriate for Washington.  And this would be a valid point, but hardly one that runs counter to this post).

On the bright side, I suppose that I could go and search through sale racks for long-sleeved onesies and whatnot.  But I hold that beginning to outgrow 0-3 month clothes just shy of the 4 week mark is excessive. 

*Not in a pejorative sense, but a factual one.  She is, in fact, an infant of impressive girth.


  1. Ooooh, when are you coming to the West Coast???

  2. This is the post to show the prom date!