Sunday, June 17, 2012

Helping Bear

Our attempts to move all of the things in our house to other places before rooms of our house become migratory this summer proceed apace.*

Margaret went out this morning with her grandmother, and Ellie stayed home to nap, which she did for a part of the time that we had set aside for cleaning, but not as much of it was we would have liked. So she had to come upstairs and help.  She managed to be a quite congenial upstairs-cleaning companion.


But I could have done without her disdainful splutterings.


On the other hand, she probably doesn’t mean to seem disdainful.  Spluttering is the only thing she does that we seem to understand, and you can’t blame the poor child for trying to communicate with us in some way that we might get.

*I promise that this is a grammatically sound sentence.  It doesn’t seem that way, but it is.  I checked.  Twice. 

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