Friday, June 22, 2012


Margaret likes to give Ellie toys, as has been noted before.  And this morning, she decided to shower her with toys inspired by beloved children’s books.  So Ellie (doing her best pirate impression) got a Madeline.


This was slightly worrying,


but she rolled with it.*


And then she was inundated by Eeyores.  I’m assuming that one large stuffed Eeyore counts as inundation, when you’re rather small.


Again, this introduction was a cause for alarm.


But she soon realized that Eeyores are quite tasty.


She latched onto his tail and held him in place while she gummed his mane.  He probably would find this typical.  But I think that he should be glad that his tail is still on, and not go grousing.

After all, we can’t all, and some of us don’t.

*Actually, she’s been doing more rolling.  Back to front, a little.  Go kiddo.  Although if she gets too proficient, I’ll have to stop swaddling her, and that will be TERRIBLE.

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