Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Warning

Ellie got put on the floor this evening because of a very urgent need to clean up some milk that had gotten spilled* on an astonishing amount of carpet.  Margaret was spending the time in the pokey** so she wasn’t a danger, and so I just laid Ellie down on the nearest patch of reasonably dry floor without thinking too much about where it was.

When I finished the mopping and the washing and the scrubbing and the throwing away of the paper towels, I noticed that she was looking a little perturbed about her surroundings.

Apparently she finds terrifying scenes of doll carnage a little more worrying than I do.


And that’s what’ll happen if you don’t sleep through the night – we’ll make your sister entirely responsible for your welfare.

*Purposely, and with malice.

**Really, we have a little jail set-up in the front hall.  It works.

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